Customize Your Coin!






Product Specifications:

  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • 3mm Thick
  • Diameter - 1.50"


  • 3D Molds on Both Sides
  • Customizable text on both sides
  • Optional Thin Blue Line and Colored State/City Seal print!

Police Coin History

Giving a challenge coin to a police officer can be a meaningful gesture of appreciation and respect for their service to their community.

However, not everyone can afford to buy 100 challenge coins, which are typically sold in bulk.

That's why Signature Coins has developed a semi-customizable coin that allows you to purchase one or two coins and still personalize the message on the coins to recognize and honor a law enforcement officer you may know.

The design of the coin is law enforcement at the core. Allowing you to customize the department's emblem or insignia on the badge, as well as a personalized message on the top text of the coins and rockers on both sides. Whether you want to recognize a specific achievement, commemorate a special event, or simply show your gratitude for their service, these coins are an excellent way to do so.

At Signature Coins, we are proud to offer this semi-customizable coin as a way to make this gesture more accessible to individuals everywhere.